Iíve found an amazing house! Okay, okayÖso itís not best. Simply a cou…


Iíve found an amazing house! Okay, okayÖso itís not best. Simply a couple of insects. I indicate literally! Very first cost? A pest control expert! Is it worth the cash? Well, I canít afford an extra costly area, so a single (please!) money investment need to be all right. Maybe simply a canister of ìRaid?î

I require a means to move my things. Daddy, can I obtain your truck? You donít have one? Why not? Do you desire one? Iíll help you select it out! Well, it was simply a tip. No need to obtain all bent out of shape! I think Iíd better call the truck rental places. What do you meanÖ$ 200ÖPLUS gas mileage? AND ALSO Gas? Excellent sorrow!

While Iím on the phone Iíll call the utility as well as telephone company. Yes, I recognize I havenít utilized your services prior to. No, I donít have a bank card; this is my starting point. You want what? A $100 down payment? For EACH? Divine cowÖdo you people have a permit to take?

Daddy, I need $500 for moving expenditures! I made use of all my cash for the first and last months rent As Well As the damages down payment. Well, exactly how was I to recognize this was mosting likely to be so costly? Offer something? DaaaaadÖI DEMAND my TELEVISION!

Young boy, this location is quite vacant. Possibly I should buy a sofa and a chair. NahÖI have my bed. Thatíll be good enough. I donít need a table; Iíll simply utilize this box.

Tenants Insurance policy? I donít believe so! What do I have to guarantee?

Simply obtained my initial telephone call! Iíd love to find to your celebration! Daddy, I need an auto. Due to the fact that itís also far to walk to work, thatís why. Umm, DaddyÖthereís automobile insurance policy as well! Thanks, DadÖyouíre the most effective! As well as gas? I didnít believe soÖ

Time for supper. Letís look in these boxes. Oh, No! No recipes or frying pans. No FOOD!

Uhhh, Mother?

Author: Howard Marshall